%0 Journal Article %A Marc Dumont %A Valérie Plagnes %A Patrick Lachassagne %A Roger Guérin %A Bayu Nugraha %A Febriwan Mohamad %A Ludovic Oudin %A Arif Fadillah %A Danièle Valdès %A Gilles Brocard %A Jean-Luc Bonjour %A Mohamed Saadi %A Anne-Sophie Esneu %A Aswar Muhammad %A Hendarmawan %A Nathalie Dörfliger %T Water cycle modelling strengthened by probabilistic integration of field data for groundwater management of a quite unknown tropical volcanic hydrosystem %J Comptes Rendus. Géoscience %D 2023 %P 207-229 %V 355 %N S1 %I Académie des sciences, Paris %R 10.5802/crgeos.192 %G en %F CRGEOS_2023__355_S1_207_0