Comptes Rendus

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Volume articles

Research article - Combinatorics, Number theory
Generalized H-fold sumset and Subsequence sum
p. 1-19

Research article - Functional analysis, Partial differential equations
On Gaussian interpolation inequalities
p. 21-44

p. 45-49

p. 55-62

p. 63-69

Research article - Algebraic geometry
Fano hypersurfaces in positive characteristic
p. 107-115

p. 117-134

p. 159-166

p. 171-176

p. 195-202

Research article - Geometry and Topology, Mathematical physics
On Orthogonal Projections of Symplectic Balls
p. 217-227

p. 229-235

p. 237-244

p. 279-285

p. 301-306

Research article - Algebra, Algebraic geometry
Translational and great Darboux cyclides
p. 413-448

p. 449-452

p. 453-467

p. 469-479

Research article - Numerical analysis, Partial differential equations
Multiplicative reduced bases for hyperelasticity
p. 593-605

Research article - Partial differential equations, Mathematical physics
The zero dispersion limit for the Benjamin–Ono equation on the line
p. 619-634

Research article - Combinatorics, Probability theory
Erdős–Rényi Poissonized
p. 649-656

Research article - Partial differential equations, Control theory
Optimal trajectories in L 1 and under L 1 penalizations
p. 657-692

Research article - Algebraic geometry, Number theory
Groupes de Brauer algébriques modulo les constantes d’espaces homogènes et leurs compactifications
[Algebraic Brauer groups modulo constants of homogeneous spaces and their compactifications]
p. 693-700