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Comptes Rendus. Mécanique

Editorial Policy


Focus and Scope

The Comptes rendus - Mécanique cover all fields of the discipline: dynamic systems / solid mechanics / fluid mechanics / acoustics, waves, vibrations / automation, signal processing. The articles are presented in the form of original notes briefly describing an important discovery.

The ongoing publication of Comptes rendus - Mécanique allows a rapid publication of significant results from researchers. You benefit from the first articles on scientific discoveries, generally two to three months after acceptance. The articles are written in English or French.

Thematic issues are also available.


Open Access Policy

The Comptes Rendus - Mécanique provide immediate, permanent and free online open access to its content.
Submission, acceptance and publication dates are made available on the PDF format for each paper.

The Comptes Rendus - Mécanique follow a true Diamond Open Access policy:

This Diamond Open Access policy is made possible due to the support of various institutions: Académie des Sciences, CNRS.


Publication Policy

Copyright policy

All copyright is retained by authors. 

However, the Académie will require each author to sign a first publication and distribution agreement.


Licensing policy

Starting from 2020, all content of Comptes Rendus - Mécanique (including content published prior to 2020) is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). This general non-exclusive license allows the journal to use, reproduce the work, and create derivative work from it, in any medium or format and with any purpose (commercial and non-commercial) under the only restriction that the appropriate credit must be given, a link to the license must be provided and if changes were made, they must be indicated. 

Pre-print publication

Comptes Rendus - Mécanique allows authors to deposit the accepted version of their article on an open archive platform, indicating that the article has been accepted/published.


Peer Review Process

Comptes Rendus - Mécanique operates a rigorous and transparent simple blind peer-review process that ensures scholarly excellence.

Manuscripts submitted to Comptes Rendus - Mécanique undergo an initial screening by the Editor in charge of the submission, to assess whether it matches the journal’s general criterias.

Once passed this first step, the editor will organize the peer-review process and assign experts.

Each manuscript submitted will follow the publication process of the Comptes Rendus - Mécanique: peer review, correction and layout.


Code of Ethics and Good Practices

Read the Code of ethics and good practices.