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Older collections of the Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences

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Old issues of the Comptes rendus have been digitised by the Bibliothèque nationale de France in partnership with the Académie des sciences. These digitised files are available in the Gallica digital library, which offers a nearly complete collection for most series:


This collection is currently only available in image format. The Académie des sciences is working with the Persée infrastructure to better reference and structure these back issues, in order to facilitate their use.

Several actors in the field of research and international scientific heritage have also joined their digitisation efforts to disseminate the first 175 volumes (1835-1922) of the Comptes rendus within the Biodiversity Heritage Library:

The BHL collection is searchable in full text.



Find an article

Back issues of the Comptes rendus have tables by subject and by author to facilitate the search for specific articles.

For the period 1835-1940 (one multidisciplinary journal):

For the period 1940-1965 (one single multidisciplinary journal), each half-yearly volume ends with tables. To find them in Gallica (see above), please refer to last part of the volume (e.g. for volume 257 for the year 1963, the tables are at the end of T257 PART 3 and not T257 PART 1).

The same "last part of the volume" principle applies to the tables for the period 1966-1996 (see links above), although this time there are separate series, one for each discipline.


Finally, if you wish to consult the full text of an article found in Gallica using the tables, please note that all issues are by default dated 1 January of the year. This means that if you are looking for an article published in 1986, you will have to click on the date 01/01/1986 in the calendar proposed by Gallica.


The Academy's Publications Service is at your disposal if you need help in finding a particular article or conducting research on a specific topic.