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Editorial Policy


Focus and Scope

CR Géoscience – Sciences de la Planète is a peer-reviewed, open access, electronic diamond journal that publishes articles dealing with "Planet Sciences", beyond earth sciences in the strict sense, i.e. at the heart of major societal and environmental issues: natural risks, energy and metal-material supplies, water resources, pollution, climate change, whether in the continental, oceanic or atmospheric domain, life sciences (biodiversity, impact of living organisms on the environment or on biogeochemical cycles), without forgetting to put this work in perspective with the past and the universe around us, i.e. in particular the other planets. This field of science combines field and laboratory observations and measurements, physical and chemical modelling and mathematical tools to understand and predict the evolution of our planet. The focus here is on the global, interdisciplinary effects of human activities on the functioning of the "Earth System". We also encourage the submission of interdisciplinary papers, particularly with the human and social sciences, as well as papers that put the results of research in the planetary sciences in a perspective of sustainable development of our societies.

CR Géoscience - Sciences de la Planète publishes articles on scientific research results (research papers), journal articles on a given topic, articles by invited authors, current or historical articles on activity in the earth sciences, in particular at the Académie des sciences, and finally special thematic issues on topics chosen by the editorial committee, or reporting on symposia in the field of geosciences, or summer schools, with invited associate editors. Special issues may also include articles for educational purposes aimed at teachers or non-specialist scientists wishing to keep abreast of major advances in these disciplines. Comments on articles already published are welcome, and are also analysed by the editors or reviewers who have agreed to the publication of the article concerned, together with the replies provided by the authors.



Peer Review Process

After a preliminary analysis by the editors-in-chief of the relevance of each article submitted in relation to the editorial policy of CR Géoscience - Sciences de la Planète, any article selected is managed by the associate editors and appraised by one or more reviewers.

The final publication decision is taken within approximately two months by the editors, on the advice of the associate editors. The authors are regularly informed of the progress of the analysis process.

Analyses of submitted articles are not published.


Economic model

Articles published in CR Géoscience - Sciences de la Planète are available on a free, immediate and permanent basis, also known as Diamond Open Access:

  • Submission and publication: no submission or publication fees (Article Processing Charge or APC) are charged to authors or their institutions for the submission and publication of their article;
  • Consultation and download: no subscription fees are charged to consult the full text of articles online, nor is any financial contribution required to download articles.


Reuse of articles

The articles in CR Géoscience - Sciences de la Planète are published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0), which allows readers of the journal to:

  • share, copy, distribute and communicate the articles in their PDF version, immediately, by any means and in any format;
  • adapt, remix, transform and create from the articles for any use, including commercial use;
  • provided that the original article is credited (using the proposed citation that accompanies each article and mentions, in particular, its authors and DOI), that a link to the original license is included, and that any modifications made to the article are indicated.