Comptes Rendus


Comptes Rendus Biologies is a peer-reviewed electronic journal, whose objective is to allow researchers to quickly make their work known to the international scientific community. It is one of the seven journals published by the Académie des sciences, heir to the Comptes Rendus des Séances hebdomadaires de l'Académie des Sciences founded in 1835 by Arago.

Comptes Rendus Biologies covers all areas of life sciences: biomodelling, molecular biology and genetics, developmental and reproductive biology, cell biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, immunology, pharmacology, ecology, etc. They publish original research articles, review articles, historical perspectives, pedagogical texts or conference proceedings, with no limit in length and in a format as flexible as necessary (figures, associated data, etc.).

Comptes Rendus Biologies only publishes articles that have been solicited by the journal's editorial board. Unsolicited submissions are not considered.

Comptes Rendus Biologies is published since 2020 with the Centre Mersenne pour l'édition scientifique ouverte (Centre Mersenne for open scientifique edition), according to a virtuous policy of Diamond Open Access, free for authors (no publication fees) as well as for readers (immediate and perennial open access).

Editors-in-Chief: Jean-François Bach, Alain Chédotal, Pascale Cossart, Bernard Dujon, Jean-Dominique Lebreton, Antoine Triller.