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Comptes Rendus. Mathématique

Comptes Rendus. Mathématique


The Comptes Rendus - Mathématique are an open access and peer-reviewed electronic scientific journal whose purpose is to enable researchers to publish original studies in French and in English.

It is one of the seven publications of the French Académie des sciences.

The journal also publishes review papers, thematic issues and texts reflecting the activity of Académie des sciences in the field of Mathematics.

From 2020, the journal policy evolves to lean on a Diamond open access model. No fee is required to authors to publish or to readers to access the articles which are freely and immediately available upon publication (see editorial below).

The Comptes Rendus - Mathématique cover all fields of the discipline: Logic, Combinatorics, Number Theory, Group Theory, Mathematical Analysis, (Partial) Differential Equations, Geometry, Topology, Dynamical systems, Mathematical Physics, Mathematical Problems in Mechanics, Signal Theory, Mathematical Economics, …

Editors-in-Chief: : J.-M. Coron, J.-P. Demailly, É. Ghys, L. Saint-Raymond

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All volumes published before 2020 are available:



In the current context of opening up scientific publications, the Academy of sciences is strongly committed to free access to knowledge, on the one hand by developing partnerships with non-commercial publishers and on the other hand by acting for a wide dissemination of recent scientific advances. 

The first objective was achieved in January 2020 by entrusting the Centre Mersenne with the publication of the Comptes rendus for six of the seven series (including the mathematical series). The seventh series, devoted to Paleontology, will be published by the Museum of Natural History.

The articles will be accessible immediately, free of charge and on a permanent basis, as soon as they are accepted by the editorial committee, on the website of the Academy of Sciences (click 'Browse issues' on top left of this page in green) and on the website of the Mersenne Centre for Open Scientific Publishing (CNRS and Grenoble-Alpes University).

This is an opportunity to give new life to the Comptes rendus series, enlarging its editorial boards and broadening its editorial objectives.

The Comptes rendus mathématique will now welcome different types of publications, and particularly encourages :

(i) Original and significant research works.

(ii) Articles presenting important mathematical developments in a non-technical or synthetic manner.

(iii) Texts presenting important mathematical works in a comprehensive manner.

(iv) Thematic issues that review various approaches to the same problem (e.g., to report on symposia or workshops).

(v) Texts of historical, philosophical or didactic reflection closely related to mathematics.

The length of articles published in the Comptes Rendus - Mathématique is no longer limited.

We are counting on your interest and the mobilization of all of you to make a success of this new departure: thank you for considering the possibility of submitting attractive articles to the Comptes rendus, and of advertising them among your collaborators.

J.-M. Coron, J.-P. Demailly, É. Ghys, L. Saint-Raymond