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Comptes Rendus. Mécanique


The Comptes Rendus - Mécanique are an open access and peer-reviewed electronic scientific journal whose purpose is to enable researchers to publish original studies in French and in English.

It is one of the seven publications of the French Académie des sciences.

The Comptes Rendus - Mécanique also publish journal articles, thematic issues and articles reflecting the history of the Académie des sciences and its current scientific activity.

From 2020 onwards, the journal's policy is based on a diamond open access model: no fees are charged to authors to publish or to readers to access articles. Thus, articles are accessible immediately, free of charge and permanently upon publication.

The Comptes Rendus - Mécanique cover all fields of mechanics: dynamic systems / solid mechanics / fluid mechanics / acoustics, waves, vibrations / automation, signal processing. The articles are presented in the form of original notes briefly describing an important discovery. The monthly frequency of this series devoted to mechanics allows a quick publication of the researchers' significant results. You thus benefit from the first articles on scientific discoveries, generally two to three months after acceptance. Articles are written in English or French.

Editor-in-Chief: Jean-Baptiste Leblond


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All volumes published before 2020 are available: