Comptes Rendus

Right of reuse

Since 2020, the seven series of the French Academy of Sciences' journal Comptes Rendus are published exclusively in electronic form.

All our articles are released under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license, which authorizes you, among other things, to freely copy, distribute and communicate the original material (text, figures, graphs...) by any means and in any format, including print. You are however required to specify the exact source of the articles copied, distributed or communicated, and to indicate if modifications have been made to the original material. If your reuse is in electronic format, you must also include a link to the original CC BY 4.0 license.

Please note that our articles may sometimes include some material (mainly figures previously published in other works) protected by a specific copyright and subject to strict reuse conditions. If so, please respect these conditions, specified under the material.


Printed copies

The Academy of Sciences and the Mersenne Center no longer provide printing services.

However, in accordance with the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license under which they are released, you have the option of having your own hard copies made of all articles and issues of Comptes Rendus series. Printable PDF files can be downloaded from the website of each journal.

Our PDF files are prepared for printing according to the following parameters (to be sent to the print company of your choice):

  • Format 192 x 262 mm French style
  • 90 g. mat coated paper inside and 300 g. mat coated paper on the cover.
  • Four-color printing on both sides
  • Matte cover lamination on one side
  • Glued square back

Please note that the global PDF files corresponding to our annual volumes or special issues are only created once these volumes/issues are completed, which can take several weeks after the last article has been published online. If you would like to request the printable files of a specific volume, please contact