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Comptes Rendus. Biologies

Editorial Policy

Focus and Scope

Comptes Rendus Biologies is a peer-reviewed electronic journal with open access that publishes original research articles, review articles and texts reflecting the activity of the Académie des sciences in the fields of life sciences: biomodeling, molecular biology and genetics, developmental and reproductive biology, cell biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, immunology, pharmacology, ecology...

The journal publishes 4 issues per year (thematic or generalist) and includes different types of articles:

  • Editorial: point of view of the editors of the journal on a current scientific topic covered in other articles in the Comptes Rendus Biologies, or introduction to a thematic issue by the guest editors in charge of its coordination;
  • Opinion / perspective: a researcher's point of view on a historical scientific subject (critical commentary based on contemporary results) or on a current scientific topic, covered in other articles in Comptes Rendus Biologies or outside the journal;
  • News and Views: critical commentary and perspective on a recent article published outside the Comptes Rendus Biologies and dealing with a current scientific topic;
  • History of science and ideas: presentation and historical and/or epistemological contextualization of a particular scientific concept or of an article published in a previous issue of Comptes Rendus Biologies;
  • Biographical note : synthetic presentation of the career and work of a researcher, and of his or her scientific contribution;
  • Research article: presentation of original results, indicating the stage of progress of the associated research. This type of article can be more detailed than a simple announcement of results (this type of announcement was the editorial policy of previous issues of Comptes Rendus Biologies);
  • Review article: a report on the state of research and the latest advances in a specific scientific topic in biology, with a contextualization of its current issues and future directions and a reference bibliography on the subject.

Since January 1, 2020, Comptes Rendus Biologies only publishes articles that have been solicited by the journal's editorial board. Unsolicited submissions are not considered.


Peer review

Manuscripts submitted to Comptes Rendus Biologies are reviewed in a single blind format by one expert, with the exception of research articles presenting original results, which are evaluated by a minimum of two experts.


Economic model

Articles published in Comptes Rendus Biologies are available on a free, immediate and permanent basis, also known as Diamond Open Access:

  • Submission and publication: no submission or publication fees (Article Processing Charge or APC) are charged to authors or their institutions for the submission and publication of their article;
  • Consultation and download: no subscription fees are charged to consult the full text of articles online, nor is any financial contribution required to download articles.


Reuse of articles

The articles in Comptes Rendus Biologies are published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0), which allows readers of the journal to:

  • share, copy, distribute and communicate the articles in their PDF version, immediately, by any means and in any format;
  • adapt, remix, transform and create from the articles for any use, including commercial use;
  • provided that the original article is credited (using the proposed citation that accompanies each article and mentions, in particular, its authors and DOI), that a link to the original license is included, and that any modifications made to the article are indicated.