Comptes Rendus

Upcoming issues

  • Materials and Energy Valorization of Biomass and Waste: The Path for Sustainability and Circular Economy Promotion
    2024, vol. 27. Guest editors: Mejdi Jeguirim, Salah Jellali
  • French/Nordic Special Issue on Materials and Coordination Chemistry
    2023, vol. 26. Guest editors: Abhik Ghosh, Claude P. Gros
  • Chemical Biology
    2023, vol. 26. Guest editors: Marie Lopez (CNRS-Univ. Montpellier, IBMM, Montpellier), Elisabetta Mileo (CNRS-Univ. Aix-Marseille, BIP, Marseille), Eric Defrancq (CNRS-Univ. Grenoble-Alpes, DCM, Grenoble), Agnes Delmas (CNRS, CBM, Orléans), Boris Vauzeilles (CNRS-Univ. Paris-Saclay, ICSN, Gif-sur-Yvette), Dominique Guianvarch (CNRS-Univ. Paris-Saclay, ICMMO, Orsay), Christophe Biot (CNRS-Univ. Lille, UGSF, Lille)
    Submissions by invitation only
  • B2i: the CNRS French research network of Bioengineering of interfaces
    Guest editors: Vincent Humblot, Yoann Roupioz, Luc Vellutini
    Submissions by invitation only
  • SolvATE - Solvatation : Avancées Théoriques et Expérimentales
    Guest editor: Francesca Ingrosso
    Submissions by invitation only
  • Prométhée - Procédés Hydrométallurgiques pour la Gestion Intégrée des Ressources Primaires et Secondaires
    Guest editors: Laurent Cassayre, Hervé Muhr
    Submissions by invitation only