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Researchers, Engineers, Students.

   Types of paper

This journal is an e-only journal.

The journal Comptes rendus - Chimie publishes original research and accounts (short reviews and historic chronicles) in all areas of chemistry. Articles (preliminary communications) should describe novel and important results. Full papers are intended to provide a concise account of new results and should include an experimental section. In all cases, the work should be of high general interest or of outstanding specialized interest. Short reviews should focus on the author(s) research within the context of the most important recent advances in the area. Historical articles are intended to highlight turning points in the history of chemistry.

   Cover Letter

A cover letter to the Editor-in-Chief should state the reasons why publication in Comptes rendus - Chimie is desirable. The name and version number of the softwares used to prepare the text and figures should be indicated, as well as the operating system (ex.: Windows, Mac OS, Unix).

   Online submission

This is now the required procedure as it offers numerous advantages. Corresponding authors will be immediately informed that their article has been received, and processing time to publication should be reduced by the use of this Internet-based workflow. In case of difficulty, please contact the editorial secretary (CR-Chimie@academie-sciences.fr).


Before you submit


   Authors commitments before submitting

By publishing in the Comptes Rendus - Chimie, the author undertakes to respect and comply with the following sections:


   Submission Checklist

Authors must ensure that their submission complies with all of the following elements. Non-compliant submissions may be returned to the authors.

  • Note that submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Authors retain copyright, and grant the journal right of first publication of the article.
  • Authors are entitled to and accept responsibility for submitting this article on behalf of any and all co-authors.
  • The article, if accepted, will be published under a CC-BY licence, without any financial compensation.
  • Permission has been obtained from the copyright holder and the author(s) of figures, tables, animations or text quotations for copyrighted works (including websites) included in the paper.
  • The Journal and/or platform may retract your paper after publication if clear evidence is found that the findings are unreliable as a result of misconduct or honest error.


Submit an article


   How to submit an article?

Articles must be submitted through the Comptes Rendus - Chimie submission site. Authors must create an account or use an existing account to submit.

  •     If you are submitting for the first time --> Create an account
  •     If you already have an account --> Log in

In case of difficulty, please contact cr-chimie@academie-sciences.fr for assistance.

Please watch the 'Submitting an article' video from PKP to assist you in the account creation and submission process.

   Evaluation process

The journal uses a single blind evaluation system.

All contributions are first evaluated by the editor associated with the selected heading. Manuscripts deemed relevant are then sent to at least one independent expert who assesses their scientific quality and sends his report to the editor. The final decision is made by the writer based on the recommendations of the report.


After acceptance


   Acceptance/ Rejection

The editorial decision shall be communicated to the author as soon as possible.

   Preparation of the article

In case of acceptance of his article, the author must provide:

  • All source files (text files of applicable, illustrations, additional material).
  • A signed rights copyright licence.

   Production of articles and proof reading

The articles are formatted and brought up to standard according to the LaTeX model of the Comptes Rendus - Chimie.

Proofs will be sent to the corresponding author and should be checked carefully and returned as soon as possible. If there is no reply within 8 days, the article will be published with only the publisher’s corrections. ‘Author’s corrections’, i.e. any substantial changes to the text and figure made by the author on the proofs, other than typesetting errors or corrections required by the Editor-in-Chief of the Comptes Rendus, will be charged.

   Publication and Indexation

The article is immediately put online in PDF format on the website of the Comptes Rendus - Chimie, on the Mersenne platform.


   Access to raw data

At the request of the editorial committee, authors may be invited to provide raw data related to their research. The authors undertake, as far as possible, to provide public access to this data and therefore to keep it for a reasonable period of time after publication.