Comptes Rendus
Complex Analysis/Analytic Geometry
Bott–Chern cohomology and q-complete domains
Comptes Rendus. Mathématique, Volume 351 (2013) no. 9-10, pp. 343-348.

In studying the Bott–Chern and Aeppli cohomologies for q-complete manifolds, we introduce the class of cohomologically Bott–Chern q-complete manifolds.

Dans lʼétude des cohomologies de Bott–Chern et dʼAeppli pour les varietés q-complètes, nous introduisons la classe des varietés cohomologiquement Bott–Chern q-complètes.

Published online:
DOI: 10.1016/j.crma.2013.05.006

Daniele Angella 1; Simone Calamai 2

1 Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Pisa, Largo Bruno Pontecorvo 5, 56127, Pisa, Italy
2 Scuola Normale Superiore, Piazza dei Cavalieri 7, 56126, Pisa, Italy
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Daniele Angella; Simone Calamai. Bott–Chern cohomology and q-complete domains. Comptes Rendus. Mathématique, Volume 351 (2013) no. 9-10, pp. 343-348. doi : 10.1016/j.crma.2013.05.006.

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This work was supported by the Project PRIN “Varietà reali e complesse: geometria, topologia e analisi armonica”, by the Project FIRB “Geometria Differenziale e Teoria Geometrica delle Funzioni”, and by GNSAGA of INdAM.

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