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Surface mechanics: facts and numerical models
Characterization of the adhesion of thin film by Cross-Sectional Nanoindentation Analysis of the substrate edge chipping and the film delamination
Comptes Rendus. Mécanique, Volume 339 (2011) no. 7-8, pp. 443-457.

Cross-Sectional Nanoindentation (CSN) is a recent method for adhesion measurement of nanoscale thin films in Ultra-Large Scale Integrated circuits. In the case of ductile thin films, the motion of the substrate chip implies significant plastic deformation of the film and complex geometry of delaminated areas. This article recalls first the experimental procedure and the two main features observed in this test performed on various plane copper films deposited on silicon: the critical force producing silicon edge chipping increases linearly with the distance of the indenter to the interface; on the section the delaminated length of the film (ab) is proportional to the residual silicon chip displacement uf and the ratio S=uf/(ab) depends on the manufacturing process of the film, and is so related to its adhesion to the substrate. One proposes a simple analysis of the silicon edge chipping. Then a model of pull-off of an elastic-strain hardening plastic film is developed, which suggests an explanation for the delamination process. Application of the model to experimental results starting from films plastic properties deduced from nanoindentation measurements provides plausible results. Some improvements for performing the CSN test are proposed in order to make easier its interpretation.

Published online:
DOI: 10.1016/j.crme.2011.05.003
Keywords: Adhesion, Nanoindentation, Thin films, Microelectronic, Copper, Mechanical analysis

Eric Felder 1; Sébastien Roy 1; Evelyne Darque-Ceretti 1

1 CEMEF, UMR CNRS/MINES ParisTech 7635, BP 207, 06904 Sophia-Antipolis, France
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AU  - Eric Felder
AU  - Sébastien Roy
AU  - Evelyne Darque-Ceretti
TI  - Characterization of the adhesion of thin film by Cross-Sectional Nanoindentation Analysis of the substrate edge chipping and the film delamination
JO  - Comptes Rendus. Mécanique
PY  - 2011
SP  - 443
EP  - 457
VL  - 339
IS  - 7-8
PB  - Elsevier
DO  - 10.1016/j.crme.2011.05.003
LA  - en
ID  - CRMECA_2011__339_7-8_443_0
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%0 Journal Article
%A Eric Felder
%A Sébastien Roy
%A Evelyne Darque-Ceretti
%T Characterization of the adhesion of thin film by Cross-Sectional Nanoindentation Analysis of the substrate edge chipping and the film delamination
%J Comptes Rendus. Mécanique
%D 2011
%P 443-457
%V 339
%N 7-8
%I Elsevier
%R 10.1016/j.crme.2011.05.003
%G en
%F CRMECA_2011__339_7-8_443_0
Eric Felder; Sébastien Roy; Evelyne Darque-Ceretti. Characterization of the adhesion of thin film by Cross-Sectional Nanoindentation Analysis of the substrate edge chipping and the film delamination. Comptes Rendus. Mécanique, Volume 339 (2011) no. 7-8, pp. 443-457. doi : 10.1016/j.crme.2011.05.003.

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