Comptes Rendus
Fully coupled hydromechanical model for compacted soils
Comptes Rendus. Mécanique, Volume 347 (2019) no. 1, pp. 1-18.

To accomplish a proper conception and further modeling of the mechanical behavior of soils, observations at the micro and macro scales need to be merged. The authors believe that the link between scales can be achieved using the effective stress concept. In this paper, we present a model that quantifies the air and water volumes contained within the pores of a solid when their pore pressure is varied. The macroscopic consequences of this are expressed in terms of a single stress that is used to formulate a simple elastoplastic constitutive model to predict volume strains and shear strength of soils.

Published online:
DOI: 10.1016/j.crme.2018.09.005
Keywords: Constitutive model, Effective stress, Pore-size distribution, Retention curve, Elastoplastic deformation, Hydro-mechanical coupling

Hiram Arroyo 1, 2; Eduardo Rojas 1

1 Faculty of Engineering, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, Centro Universitario, Cerro de las Campanas, 76160 Querétaro, Qro., Mexico
2 Department of Agroindustrial Engineering, Universidad de Guanajuato, Campus Celaya-Salvatierra, Av. Ing. Javier Barros Sierra 201, 38140 Celaya, Gto., Mexico
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AU  - Hiram Arroyo
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%A Hiram Arroyo
%A Eduardo Rojas
%T Fully coupled hydromechanical model for compacted soils
%J Comptes Rendus. Mécanique
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Hiram Arroyo; Eduardo Rojas. Fully coupled hydromechanical model for compacted soils. Comptes Rendus. Mécanique, Volume 347 (2019) no. 1, pp. 1-18. doi : 10.1016/j.crme.2018.09.005.

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