Comptes Rendus
Quantitative evaluation of semi-analytical finite element method for modeling Lamb waves in orthotropic plates
Comptes Rendus. Mécanique, Volume 348 (2020) no. 5, pp. 335-350.

A semi-analytical finite element method algorithm was established to plot the dispersion curves of isotropic aluminum and orthotropic plates. The curves obtained are compared with those plotted by the DISPERSE software and with previous experimental work. The results showed that the accuracy of the method depends on the number of elements for meshing. To ensure good precision and speed of the method, the number of elements per plate thickness must be optimized.

Published online:
DOI: 10.5802/crmeca.13
Keywords: SAFE, Dispersion curves, Isotropic, Orthotropic, Interpolation functions, Meshing
Salah Nissabouri 1; Mhammed El Allami 2, 3; El Hassan Boutyour 4

1 Labo MISI, Department of Applied Physics, FST, Settat 26000, Morocco
2 CRMEF, Settat, Morocco
3 Labo MIET, Department of Physics Applied, FST, Settat 26000, Morocco
4 Labo MISI, FST, Settat 26000, Morocco
License: CC-BY 4.0
Copyrights: The authors retain unrestricted copyrights and publishing rights
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AU  - Salah Nissabouri
AU  - Mhammed El Allami
AU  - El Hassan Boutyour
TI  - Quantitative evaluation of semi-analytical finite element method for modeling Lamb waves in orthotropic plates
JO  - Comptes Rendus. Mécanique
PY  - 2020
SP  - 335
EP  - 350
VL  - 348
IS  - 5
PB  - Académie des sciences, Paris
DO  - 10.5802/crmeca.13
LA  - en
ID  - CRMECA_2020__348_5_335_0
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%0 Journal Article
%A Salah Nissabouri
%A Mhammed El Allami
%A El Hassan Boutyour
%T Quantitative evaluation of semi-analytical finite element method for modeling Lamb waves in orthotropic plates
%J Comptes Rendus. Mécanique
%D 2020
%P 335-350
%V 348
%N 5
%I Académie des sciences, Paris
%R 10.5802/crmeca.13
%G en
%F CRMECA_2020__348_5_335_0
Salah Nissabouri; Mhammed El Allami; El Hassan Boutyour. Quantitative evaluation of semi-analytical finite element method for modeling Lamb waves in orthotropic plates. Comptes Rendus. Mécanique, Volume 348 (2020) no. 5, pp. 335-350. doi : 10.5802/crmeca.13.

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