Comptes Rendus
The Leidenfrost effect: From quasi-spherical droplets to puddles
Comptes Rendus. Mécanique, Volume 340 (2012) no. 11-12, pp. 867-881.

In the framework of the lubrication approximation, we derive a set of equations describing the steady bottom profile of Leidenfrost drops coupled with the vapor pressure. This allows us to derive scaling laws for the geometry of the concave bubble encapsulated between the drop and the hot plate under it. The results agree with experimental observations in the case of droplets with radii smaller than the capillary length Rc as well as in the case of puddles with radii larger than Rc.

Published online:
DOI: 10.1016/j.crme.2012.10.034
Keywords: Leidenfrost effect

Yves Pomeau 1; Martine Le Berre 2; Franck Celestini 3; Thomas Frisch 4

1 Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721-0089, USA
2 Institut des sciences moléculaires dʼOrsay ISMO-CNRS, Univ. Paris-Sud, bâtiment 210, 91405 Orsay cedex, France
3 Laboratoire de physique de la matière condensée, CNRS UMR 7366, université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, parc Valrose 06108 Nice cedex 2, France
4 Institut non linéaire de Nice, CNRS UMR 7735, université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, 1361, routes des lucioles, Sophia Antipolis, 06560 Valbonne, France
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Yves Pomeau; Martine Le Berre; Franck Celestini; Thomas Frisch. The Leidenfrost effect: From quasi-spherical droplets to puddles. Comptes Rendus. Mécanique, Volume 340 (2012) no. 11-12, pp. 867-881. doi : 10.1016/j.crme.2012.10.034.

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