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Comptes Rendus. Mécanique

Polycrystal thermo-elasticity revisited: theory and applications
Comptes Rendus. Mécanique, Tome 348 (2020) no. 10-11, pp. 877-891.

Article du numéro thématique : Contributions in mechanics of materials
[Contributions en mécanique des matériaux]

The self-consistent (SC) theory is the most commonly used mean-field homogenization method to estimate the mechanical response behavior of polycrystals based on the knowledge of the properties and orientation distribution of constituent single-crystal grains. The original elastic SC method can be extended to thermo-elasticity by adding a stress-free strain to an elastic constitutive relation that expresses stress as a linear function of strain. With the addition of this independent term, the problem remains linear. Although the thermo-elastic self-consistent (TESC) model has important theoretical implications for the development of self-consistent homogenization of non-linear polycrystals, in this paper, we focus on TESC applications to actual thermo-elastic problems involving non-cubic (i.e. thermally anisotropic) materials. To achieve this aim, we provide a thorough description of the TESC theory, which is followed by illustrative examples involving cooling of polycrystalline non-cubic metals. The TESC model allows studying the effect of crystallographic texture and single-crystal elastic and thermal anisotropy on the effective thermo-elastic response of the aggregate and on the internal stresses that develop at the local level.

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DOI : https://doi.org/10.5802/crmeca.18
Mots clés : Homogenization, Self-consistent methods, Thermo-elasticity, Polycrystals, Anisotropy, Metals
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Carlos N. Tomé; Ricardo A. Lebensohn. Polycrystal thermo-elasticity revisited: theory and applications. Comptes Rendus. Mécanique, Tome 348 (2020) no. 10-11, pp. 877-891. doi : 10.5802/crmeca.18. https://comptes-rendus.academie-sciences.fr/mecanique/articles/10.5802/crmeca.18/

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