Comptes Rendus

Tectonophysics in Russia and France: A project initiated by Jacques Angelier / La tectonophsique en Russie et en France : Un projet initié par Jacques Angelier

Table of contents

Tectonics, tectonophysics
Achievements of tectonophysics research in Russia: Present status and perspective
p. 116-124

p. 125-137

Tectonics, tectonophysics
Tectonic and geoelectric structures of rift basins in the Baikal region
p. 149-158

Tectonics, tectonophysics
Some methodological aspects of tectonic stress reconstruction based on geological indicators
p. 174-180

p. 181-190

p. 205-213

Tectonics, tectonophysics
Strike-slip faulting in the West Siberian Platform: Insights from 3D seismic imagery
p. 214-226

Tectonics, tectonophysics
Late Cenozoic tectonic stress fields of the Mongolian microplate
p. 227-238

p. 239-246