Comptes Rendus

Table of contents

p. 865-869

Théorie des nombres
Un cadre explicite pour les polylogarithmes multiples p-adiques et les multizêtas p-adiques
[An explicit framework for p-adic multiple polylogarithms and p-adic multiple zeta values]
p. 871-876

Théorie des nombres
Une notion de multizêtas finis associée au Frobenius du groupe fondamental de P1\{0,1,}
[A notion of finite multiple zeta values associated with the Frobenius of the fundamental group of P1\{0,1,}]
p. 877-882

Number theory/Harmonic analysis
On convergence almost everywhere of series of dilated functions
p. 883-886

Algebra/Lie algebras
Generalized Joseph's decompositions
p. 887-892

Mathematical analysis/Partial differential equations
Electromagnetic scattering by periodic structures with sign-changing coefficients
p. 893-898

Mathematical analysis/Functional analysis
On the defect of compactness in Banach spaces
p. 899-903

Équations aux dérivées partielles/Problèmes mathématiques de la mécanique
Une inégalité de Korn non linéaire dans W2,p, p>n
[A nonlinear Korn inequality in W2,p, p>n]
p. 905-911

Partial differential equations/Optimal control
Internal null-controllability of the N-dimensional heat equation in cylindrical domains
p. 925-930

Functional analysis/Dynamical systems
Disjoint mixing linear fractional composition operators in the unit ball
p. 937-942