Comptes Rendus

Table of contents

Number theory/Dynamical systems
A polynomial version of Sarnak's conjecture
p. 569-572

Théorie des nombres/Géométrie algébrique
Dualité sur un corps local de caractéristique positive à corps résiduel algébriquement clos
[Duality over a local field of positive characteristic with algebraically closed residue field]
p. 573-577

Lie algebras/Functional analysis
A note on the Kirillov model for representations of GLn(C)
p. 579-582

Mathematical analysis/Functional analysis
Almost commuting functions of almost commuting self-adjoint operators
p. 583-588

Mathematical analysis/Partial differential equations
An analytic proof of the planar quantitative isoperimetric inequality
p. 589-593

Mathematical analysis/Dynamical systems
Ruelle operators with two complex parameters and applications
p. 595-599

Mathematical analysis/Partial differential equations
Quasi-periodic solutions for nonlinear wave equations
p. 601-604

p. 605-610

Complex analysis/Analytic geometry
Boundary asymptotics of the relative Bergman kernel metric for elliptic curves
p. 611-615

The reverse Hlawka inequality in a Minkowski space
p. 629-633

p. 647-652

p. 659-664