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Erosion–Alteration: from fundamental mechanisms to geodynamic consequences (Ebelmen’s Symposium)

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Érosion et altération : des mécanismes élémentaires aux conséquences géodynamiques (symposium Ebelmen)
[Erosion–Alteration: From fundamental mechanisms to geodynamic consequences (Ebelmen's Symposium)]
p. 541-543

Hydrology, environment
Jacques-Joseph Ébelmen, the founder of earth system science
p. 544-548

History of sciences
Historical constraints on the origins of the carbon cycle concept
p. 549-567

Hydrology, environment (Surface geochemistry)
Can accurate kinetic laws be created to describe chemical weathering?
p. 568-585

Hydrology, environment (Surface geochemistry)
Landscape scale linkages in critical zone evolution
p. 586-596

Hydrology, environment
Soils as pacemakers and limiters of global silicate weathering
p. 597-609

Hydrology, environment
Modern climate and erosion in the Himalaya
p. 610-626

p. 678-687

Hydrology, environment (Surface geochemistry)
Silicon isotopes and continental weathering processes: Assessing controls on Si transfer to the ocean
p. 723-738

Hydrology, environment (Surface geochemistry)
Impact of agriculture on the Si biogeochemical cycle: Input from phytolith studies
p. 739-746

Hydrology, environment
Evidence of short-term clay evolution in soils under human impact
p. 747-757

p. 780-783

p. 784-787