Comptes Rendus

Table of contents

Number theory/Ordinary differential equations
On the mock-theta behavior of Appell–Lerch series
p. 1067-1073

Mathematical analysis/Complex analysis
Faber polynomial coefficient bounds for a subclass of bi-univalent functions
p. 1075-1080

Partial differential equations/Mathematical physics
Boundary regularity of weakly anchored harmonic maps
p. 1093-1097

p. 1099-1104

Partial differential equations/Numerical analysis
Simultaneous empirical interpolation and reduced basis method for non-linear problems
p. 1105-1109

p. 1111-1115

p. 1117-1122

Algebraic geometry
Twisted cubic curves in the Segre variety
p. 1123-1127

Une généralisation de l'homologie de Khovanov
[A generalization of Khovanov's homology]
p. 1135-1140

Probability theory
Conditionally Gaussian stochastic integrals
p. 1153-1158

Probability theory
A central limit theorem for fields of martingale differences
p. 1159-1163