Comptes Rendus

Table of contents

Algèbre homologique/Topologie
Lʼanneau de cohomologie des variétés de Seifert
[The cohomology ring structure of Seifert manifolds]
p. 81-85

Mathematical Analysis/Partial Differential Equations
A global attractor for a p(x)-Laplacian inclusion
p. 87-90

Ordinary Differential Equations/Automation (theoretical)
Eigenvalues and eigenvectors assignment for neutral type systems
p. 91-95

Partial Differential Equations
A mathematical model of mast cell response to acupuncture needling
p. 101-105

Algebraic Geometry
On the regularity of special difference divisors
p. 107-109

p. 111-114

p. 115-118

p. 119-122

Géométrie différentielle
Théorèmes de type Obata pour certains feuilletages riemanniens
[Obata-type theorems for some Riemannian foliations]
p. 123-126

Topology/Dynamical Systems
Almost commensurability of 3-dimensional Anosov flows
p. 127-129

Probability Theory
On the suprema of Bernoulli processes
p. 131-134

Probability Theory/Numerical Analysis
Reducing variance in the numerical solution of BSDEs
p. 135-138

p. 149-154

Numerical Analysis
On the conservativity of cell-centered Galerkin methods
p. 155-159

p. 161-164