Comptes Rendus

Table of contents

Number theory/Dynamical systems
On periods modulo p in arithmetic dynamics
p. 283-285

Number theory
On the square-root partition function
p. 287-290

Homological algebra/Algebraic geometry
Upper bounds for dimensions of singularity categories
p. 297-301

Ordinary differential equations/Dynamical systems
A delay differential-difference system of hematopoietic stem cell dynamics
p. 303-307

Partial differential equations/Numerical analysis
On steady-state preserving spectral methods for homogeneous Boltzmann equations
p. 309-314

p. 315-320

Partial differential equations/Functional analysis
Lp-Taylor approximations characterize the Sobolev space W1,p
p. 327-332

Geometry/Algebraic geometry
A characterization of d-uple Veronese varieties
p. 333-338

Analytic geometry
Logarithmic residues along plane curves
p. 345-349

Differential geometry
Heat equation in a model matrix geometry
p. 351-355

Differential geometry
The Atiyah class of a dg-vector bundle
p. 357-362

p. 363-367

Mathematical problems in mechanics
New identity and Korn's inequalities on a surface
p. 369-374

Calculus of variations
Duality for non-convex variational problems
p. 375-379