Comptes Rendus

Table of contents

Symmetric group representations and Z
p. 1-4

Lah numbers and Lindström's lemma
p. 5-7

p. 8-12

Number theory/Algebraic geometry
On the ordinariness of coverings of stable curves
p. 17-26

Homological algebra/Differential geometry
Formality theorem for differential graded manifolds
p. 27-43

Lie algebras/Computer science
Plethysm and fast matrix multiplication
p. 52-55

Harmonic analysis
A note on weighted bounds for rough singular integrals
p. 77-80

Differential geometry/Mathematical problems in mechanics
W2,p-estimates for surfaces in terms of their two fundamental forms
p. 85-91

Differential geometry
Classification of bm-Nambu structures of top degree
p. 92-96

Differential geometry
On the linearizability of 3-webs: End of controversy
p. 97-99

Analyse numérique
Sur une correction non linéaire et un principe du minimum local pour la discrétisation d'opérateurs de diffusion en différences finies
[A nonlinear correction and local minimum principle for diffusion operators with finite differences]
p. 100-106