Comptes Rendus

Table of contents

p. 95-100

Mathematical analysis
Non-universality of the Nazarov–Sodin constant
p. 101-104

Théorie du potentiel/Analyse harmonique
Propriétés de moyenne pour les fonctions harmoniques et polyharmoniques au sens de Dunkl
[Mean value properties for Dunkl-harmonic and Dunkl-polyharmonic functions]
p. 105-109

Complex analysis/Analytic geometry
Additivity of the approximation functional of currents induced by Bergman kernels
p. 117-119

Complex analysis/Differential geometry
A note on the Bergman Kernel
p. 121-125

Partial differential equations/Mathematical problems in mechanics
Existence result for a one-dimensional eikonal equation
p. 133-137

Partial differential equations/Mathematical physics
Stability of electromagnetic cavities perturbed by small perfectly conducting inclusions
p. 139-142

Partial differential equations
The method of differential contractions
p. 143-147

Functional analysis/Algebraic geometry
Noncommutative affine spaces and Lie-complete rings
p. 149-153

Differential geometry
Rigidity in a conformal class of contact form on CR manifold
p. 167-172

Differential geometry
A gap theorem for minimal submanifolds in Euclidean space
p. 173-177

Analyse numérique
Carreaux de Bézier–Serendip
[Bézier–Serendipity patches]
p. 179-184