Comptes Rendus

Table of contents

A note on small sets of reals
p. 1053-1061

p. 1062-1074

Number theory/Group theory
Explicit ring-theoretic presentation of Iwasawa algebras
p. 1075-1080

Number theory
Odd values of the Rogers–Ramanujan functions
p. 1081-1084

Théorie des nombres/Géométrie algébrique
Le nombre des systèmes locaux -adiques sur une courbe
[Number of irreducible -adic local systems on a curve]
p. 1085-1089

Algebra/Homological algebra
Homotopy G-algebra structure on the cochain complex of hom-type algebras
p. 1090-1099

Homological algebra/Algebraic geometry
Comparing motives of smooth algebraic varieties
p. 1100-1105

Homological algebra/Algebraic geometry
Singular Hochschild cohomology via the singularity category
p. 1106-1111

Analyse complexe/Géométrie analytique
Approximation polynomiale des jets de Whitney -plats de classe M
[Approximation by polynomials of Whitney -flat jets of class M]
p. 1125-1130

Partial differential equations
A spectral inequality for degenerate operators and applications
p. 1131-1155

Partial differential equations/Differential geometry
The Dirichlet problem on a strip for the α-translating soliton equation
p. 1179-1187

Géométrie/Problèmes mathématiques de la mécanique
Sur la détermination du périmètre de l'ovale à huit centres
[On the determination of the perimeter of the eight-centered oval]
p. 1195-1202

p. 1203-1214

p. 1215-1221

Numerical analysis
A variant of Nitsche's method
p. 1236-1242

p. 1243-1250