Comptes Rendus

Table of contents

p. 235-242

Number theory/Mathematical analysis
Computation and theory of Euler sums of generalized hyperharmonic numbers
p. 243-252

Group theory
Large subgroups in finite groups
p. 253-257

Mathematical analysis/Complex analysis
Improved version of Bohr's inequality
p. 272-277

Complex analysis
Logarithmic potentials on Pn
p. 283-287

Complex analysis
Inequalities involving the multiple psi function
p. 288-292

p. 293-300

Partial differential equations
On parabolic final value problems and well-posedness
p. 301-305

Analytic geometry
Holomorphic Cartan geometries on complex tori
p. 316-321

p. 322-326

Topology/Dynamical systems
On dynamics of the Sierpiński carpet
p. 340-344

Mathematical problems in mechanics
Motion of an incompressible solid with large deformations
p. 345-350