Comptes Rendus

Table of contents

On the edge Szeged index of bridge graphs

Number Theory
On Zarembaʼs conjecture

Algebra/Homological Algebra
Universal extensions

Complex Analysis
A conformal mapping example

Analyse complexe/Systèmes dynamiques
Vitesse dʼéquidistribution vers le courant de Green pour les endomorphismes de Pk
[Equidistribution speed towards the Green current for endomorphisms of Pk]

Analyse complexe/Analyse harmonique
La série entière 1+zΓ(1+i)+z2Γ(1+2i)+z3Γ(1+3i)+ possède une frontière naturelle !
[The power series 1+zΓ(1+i)+z2Γ(1+2i)+z3Γ(1+3i)+ has a natural boundary!]

Partial Differential Equations/Numerical Analysis
Error estimates for three-dimensional Stokes problem with non-standard boundary conditions

Partial Differential Equations/Mathematical Physics
Analytic solutions to a strongly nonlinear Vlasov equation

Algebraic Geometry
Jet schemes of toric surfaces

Differential Geometry
Ricci flow of non-collapsed 3-manifolds: Two applications

Topology/Dynamical Systems
A billiard containing all links

Analyse numérique
Linéarisation et maillage des surfaces paramétrées
[Parametric surface linearization and meshing]

Mathematical Problems in Mechanics
Legendre–Fenchel duality in elasticity