Comptes Rendus

Table of contents

La logique des parties fractionnaires de nombres réels
[The logic of fractional parts of real numbers]

Combinatoire/Théorie des nombres
Deux analogues au déterminant de Maillet
[Two analogues of Maillet's determinant]

Number theory/Algebraic geometry
Full faithfulness for overconvergent F-de Rham–Witt connections

Number theory/Algebraic geometry
About the mixed André–Oort conjecture: Reduction to a lower bound for the pure case

Algebra/Homological algebra
Some remarks on a theorem of Bergman

Partial differential equations/Calculus of variations
Minimizing movements along a sequence of functionals and curves of maximal slope

Partial differential equations/Numerical analysis
Constructing exact sequences on non-conforming discrete spaces

Functional analysis
On connected Lie groups and the approximation property

Algebraic geometry
Logarithmic geometry and the Milnor fibration

Dynamical systems
Invariant measures for piecewise continuous maps

Numerical analysis