Comptes Rendus

Table of contents

p. 468-474

Mathematical analysis/Functional analysis
Reverses of operator Aczél inequality
p. 475-481

Complex analysis/Harmonic analysis
On the norms of quaternionic harmonic projection operators
p. 482-488

Partial differential equations/Calculus of variations
Counterexamples in calculus of variations in L through the vectorial Eikonal equation
p. 498-502

p. 509-516

p. 517-522

p. 532-537

Algebraic geometry
Deformation of the product of complex Fano manifolds
p. 538-541

Test d'hétéroscédasticité quand les covariables sont fonctionnelles
[Heteroscedasticity test when the covariables are functionals]
p. 571-574

Mathematical problems in mechanics
The asymptotically sharp Korn interpolation and second inequalities for shells
p. 575-580