Comptes Rendus

Table of contents

Number Theory/Algebraic Geometry
p-Adic Hodge theory for open varieties

Algebra/Algebraic Geometry
Incompressibility of orthogonal grassmannians

Homological Algebra/Algebraic Geometry
Stratifying derived module categories

Mathematical Analysis/Harmonic Analysis
A new weighted Bellman function

Complex Analysis
An avoidance criterion for normal functions

Partial Differential Equations
Uniqueness for an ill-posed parabolic system

Partial Differential Equations/Functional Analysis
Hardy inequality and Pohozaev identity for operators with boundary singularities: Some applications

Partial Differential Equations
Explicit singular viscosity solutions of the Aronsson equation

Partial Differential Equations/Mathematical Physics
Semiclassical approximation and noncommutative geometry

Détermination géométrique de la systole des groupes de triangles
[Geometric determination of the systole of triangle groups]

Analytic Geometry
Semistability of invariant bundles over G/Γ

Differential Geometry
On compact Finsler spaces of positive constant curvature

Differential Geometry
A Note on surfaces with parallel mean curvature