Comptes Rendus

Issue no. 1 Table of Contents

Tectonics, Tectonophysics
Boris Choubert: The forgotten fit of the circum-Atlantic continents
p. 42-48

Issue no. 2 Table of Contents

Géophysique interne
Le grand séisme de Huaxian (1556) : quelques documents chinois
[The great Huaxian earthquake (1556): Some Chinese sources]
p. 49-52

Issue no. 3 Table of Contents

Comment la Terre a-t-elle pu vieillir de plus de quatre milliards d’années en quatre siècles ?
[How could the Earth become more than 4 billions years old in only four centuries?]
p. 91-95

Issue no. 4 Table of Contents

p. 151-158

Internal Geophysics (Spatial Physics)
The mantle rotation pole position. A solar component
p. 159-164

Issue no. 5 Table of Contents

Internal Geophysics (Space Physics)
Interstellar filaments and star formation
p. 187-197

History of Sciences
About the age of the Earth
p. 223-225

History of Sciences
The Creation of the world and the birth of chronology
p. 226-232

Issue no. 6-7 Table of Contents

Vulnerability of inter-tropical littoral areas

p. 248-259

Issue no. 8 Table of Contents