Comptes Rendus

Table of contents

A short proof of Kontsevich's cluster conjecture
p. 119-122

p. 127-130

p. 137-141

Lie Algebras/Harmonic Analysis
Deformation quantization and invariant differential operators
p. 143-148

Lie Algebras/Algebraic Geometry
Very nilpotent basis and n-tuples in Borel subalgebras
p. 149-152

Analyse mathématique/Physique mathématique
Modèle électromagnétique d'objet dissimulé
[Electromagnetic model of a hidden object]
p. 153-155

Partial Differential Equations
On a new class of functions related to VMO
p. 157-160

Partial Differential Equations/Calculus of Variations
A class of existence results for the singular Liouville equation
p. 161-166

Partial Differential Equations/Mathematical Physics
On two-particle Anderson localization at low energies
p. 167-170

Partial Differential Equations
On the regularity of capillary water waves with vorticity
p. 171-173

Partial Differential Equations/Mathematical Problems in Mechanics
The div–curl lemma for sequences whose divergence and curl are compact in W1,1
p. 175-178

p. 179-183

Partial Differential Equations
On nondegeneracy of solutions to SU(3) Toda system
p. 185-190

Harmonic Analysis/Numerical Analysis
Analytical and numerical results for first escape time in 2D
p. 191-194

Functional Analysis/Probability Theory
Dimensional behaviour of entropy and information
p. 201-204

p. 205-208

p. 225-228