Comptes Rendus

Table of contents

p. 599-602

Number Theory/Geometry
Congruence obstructions to pseudomodularity of Fricke groups
p. 603-606

Number Theory/Mathematical Analysis
The Weyl calculus and the zeta function
p. 607-610

Homological Algebra
A derived functor approach to bounded cohomology
p. 615-618

p. 619-623

Partial Differential Equations/Calculus of Variations
On the exact controllability of a system of mixed order with essential spectrum
p. 629-634

Partial Differential Equations
Solvability of monotone systems of fully nonlinear elliptic PDE's
p. 641-644

Harmonic Analysis/Mathematical Analysis
No characterization of generators in p (1<p<2) by zero set of Fourier transform
p. 645-648

p. 649-652

Géométrie différentielle
Remarques sur les spineurs de Killing transversaux
[Remarks on transversal Killing spinors]
p. 657-659

Topologie différentielle
Filtration de Johnson et groupe de Torelli modulo p, p premier
[Johnson filtration and Torelli group, modulo p, p a prime]
p. 667-670

p. 671-676

p. 697-702