Comptes Rendus

Table of contents

p. 551-554

p. 555-558

Théorie des nombres
Sur l'exemple d'Euler d'une fonction complètement multiplicative à somme nulle
[On Euler's example of a completely multiplicative function with sum 0]
p. 559-561

p. 562-565

Number theory/Algebraic geometry
Ordinary primes for Abelian surfaces
p. 566-568

p. 569-576

Mathematical analysis/Functional analysis
Distance formulas in group algebras
p. 577-582

Analyse complexe/Géométrie analytique
Extension de courants fermés à l'espace projectif
[Extension of closed currents to the projective space]
p. 583-588

Partial differential equations
Small strong solutions for time-dependent mean field games with local coupling
p. 589-594

Partial differential equations/Calculus of variations
A maximum principle for the system Δu − ∇W(u)=0
p. 595-600

Partial differential equations/Mathematical problems in mechanics
On the existence and qualitative theory of stratified solitary water waves
p. 601-605

Partial differential equations/Mathematical physics
Spectral analysis near the low ground energy of magnetic Pauli operators
p. 606-610

Functional analysis/Geometry
On norms taking integer values on the integer lattice
p. 611-613

Geometry/Differential topology
The Euler class of an umbilic foliation
p. 614-618

p. 623-627

Normalité asymptotique locale de processus autorégressifs hilbertiens
[Local asymptotic normality of Hilbertian autoregressive processes]
p. 634-638

Mathematical problems in mechanics/Calculus of variations
Optimization of the branching pattern in coherent phase transitions
p. 639-644