Comptes Rendus

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Issue no. 2 Table of Contents

Issue no. 3-4 Table of Contents

Tectonophysics in Russia and France: A project initiated by Jacques Angelier / La tectonophsique en Russie et en France : Un projet initié par Jacques Angelier

Tectonics, tectonophysics
Achievements of tectonophysics research in Russia: Present status and perspective

Tectonics, tectonophysics
Tectonic and geoelectric structures of rift basins in the Baikal region

Tectonics, tectonophysics
Some methodological aspects of tectonic stress reconstruction based on geological indicators

Tectonics, tectonophysics
Strike-slip faulting in the West Siberian Platform: Insights from 3D seismic imagery

Tectonics, tectonophysics
Late Cenozoic tectonic stress fields of the Mongolian microplate

Issue no. 5 Table of Contents

Hydrologie, environnement
Application de la méthode des simulations croisées à l’analyse de tendances dans la relation pluie-débit à partir du modèle GR2M : cas du bassin versant du N’zi-Bandama (Côte d’Ivoire)
[Application of the crossed simulations method to the analysis of trends in the rainfall-runoff relation by using the GR2M model: Case of the N’zi-Bandama watershed (Ivory Coast)]

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Hydrologie, environnement
Ressaut de marée et Mascaret – exemples de la Garonne et de la Seine
[Tidal bore and Mascaret – example of Garonne and Seine Rivers]

Des « cailloux roulés » basaltiques haut perchés à l’histoire du Rhône : observations et spéculations de Gui de Mortessagnes (1782)
[From the basaltic pebbles in high deposits to the Rhône River history: Observations and hypotheses of Gui de Mortessagnes (1782)]

Issue no. 11-12 Table of Contents

Erosion–Alteration: from fundamental mechanisms to geodynamic consequences (Ebelmen’s Symposium)

Érosion et altération : des mécanismes élémentaires aux conséquences géodynamiques (symposium Ebelmen)
[Erosion–Alteration: From fundamental mechanisms to geodynamic consequences (Ebelmen's Symposium)]

Hydrology, environment
Jacques-Joseph Ébelmen, the founder of earth system science

History of sciences
Historical constraints on the origins of the carbon cycle concept

Hydrology, environment (Surface geochemistry)
Can accurate kinetic laws be created to describe chemical weathering?

Hydrology, environment (Surface geochemistry)
Landscape scale linkages in critical zone evolution

Hydrology, environment
Soils as pacemakers and limiters of global silicate weathering

Hydrology, environment
Modern climate and erosion in the Himalaya

Hydrology, environment (Surface geochemistry)
Silicon isotopes and continental weathering processes: Assessing controls on Si transfer to the ocean

Hydrology, environment (Surface geochemistry)
Impact of agriculture on the Si biogeochemical cycle: Input from phytolith studies

Hydrology, environment
Evidence of short-term clay evolution in soils under human impact