Comptes Rendus

Issue no. 1 Table of Contents

From past to current tectonics

Tectonics, Tectonophysics
Triassic tectonics of the southern margin of the South China Block
p. 5-14

Tectonics, Tectonophysics
Rigid and non-rigid micro-plates: Philippines and Myanmar-Andaman case studies
p. 33-41

Issue no. 2 Table of Contents

Hydrology, Environment (Hydrology–Hydrogeology)
The reduction of hydrological models for less tedious practical applications
p. 89-98

Issue no. 3-4 Table of Contents

From rifting to mountain building: the Pyrenean Belt

Petrology, geochemistry (Isotopic geochemistry)
Fluid generation in the Boucheville Basin as a consequence of the North Pyrenean metamorphism
p. 301-311

Issue no. 5 Table of Contents

p. 350-359

Issue no. 6 Table of Contents

Coastal sediment dynamics

Stratigraphy, Sedimentology (Geology of Sedimentary Basins)
Five years of beach drainage survey on a macrotidal beach (Quend-Plage, northern France)
p. 411-421

Issue no. 7 Table of Contents

Modelling approaches in sedimentology

p. 473-478

Mathematical Geology
Truncated Gaussian and derived methods
p. 510-519

Issue no. 8 Table of Contents

History of sciences
French explorations of the Mediterranean Sea during the 17th and 18th centuries
p. 561-571