Comptes Rendus

Issue no. 1 Table of Contents

Symmetric group representations and Z
p. 1-4

Lah numbers and Lindström's lemma
p. 5-7

p. 8-12

Number theory/Algebraic geometry
On the ordinariness of coverings of stable curves
p. 17-26

Homological algebra/Differential geometry
Formality theorem for differential graded manifolds
p. 27-43

Lie algebras/Computer science
Plethysm and fast matrix multiplication
p. 52-55

Harmonic analysis
A note on weighted bounds for rough singular integrals
p. 77-80

Differential geometry/Mathematical problems in mechanics
W2,p-estimates for surfaces in terms of their two fundamental forms
p. 85-91

Differential geometry
Classification of bm-Nambu structures of top degree
p. 92-96

Differential geometry
On the linearizability of 3-webs: End of controversy
p. 97-99

Analyse numérique
Sur une correction non linéaire et un principe du minimum local pour la discrétisation d'opérateurs de diffusion en différences finies
[A nonlinear correction and local minimum principle for diffusion operators with finite differences]
p. 100-106

Issue no. 2 Table of Contents

p. 115-120

Number theory
On AP3-covering sequences
p. 121-124

Number theory
On the denominators of harmonic numbers
p. 129-132

p. 133-137

Algebra/Group theory
Metabelian Q1-groups
p. 138-140

Group theory/Differential geometry
On the difficulty of finding spines
p. 141-145

Partial differential equations/Optimal control
Partial regularity for solutions to subelliptic eikonal equations
p. 172-176

Partial differential equations/Mathematical physics
Wave packets and the quadratic Monge–Kantorovich distance in quantum mechanics
p. 177-197

Functional analysis/Mathematical analysis
Remarks on the Monge–Kantorovich problem in the discrete setting
p. 207-213

Analytic geometry/Differential geometry
Parametric CR-umbilical locus of ellipsoids in C2
p. 214-221

Differential geometry
A remark on the Bismut–Ricci form on 2-step nilmanifolds
p. 222-226

Mathematical problems in mechanics/Differential geometry
A nonlinear shell model of Koiter's type
p. 227-234

Issue no. 3 Table of Contents

p. 235-242

Number theory/Mathematical analysis
Computation and theory of Euler sums of generalized hyperharmonic numbers
p. 243-252

Group theory
Large subgroups in finite groups
p. 253-257

Mathematical analysis/Complex analysis
Improved version of Bohr's inequality
p. 272-277

Complex analysis
Logarithmic potentials on Pn
p. 283-287

Complex analysis
Inequalities involving the multiple psi function
p. 288-292

p. 293-300

Partial differential equations
On parabolic final value problems and well-posedness
p. 301-305

Analytic geometry
Holomorphic Cartan geometries on complex tori
p. 316-321

p. 322-326

Topology/Dynamical systems
On dynamics of the Sierpiński carpet
p. 340-344

Mathematical problems in mechanics
Motion of an incompressible solid with large deformations
p. 345-350

Issue no. 4 Table of Contents

p. 351-359

Algebra/Group theory
On the T-slices of a finite group
p. 360-364

Homological algebra/Algebraic geometry
A topological nullstellensatz for tensor-triangulated categories
p. 365-375

Homological algebra/Differential geometry
Deformation cohomology of Lie algebroids and Morita equivalence
p. 376-381

Mathematical analysis
On Ozaki's condition for p-valency
p. 382-386

Complex analysis/Differential geometry
Kähler submanifolds of the symmetrized polydisc
p. 387-394

Partial differential equations/Dynamical systems
On the convergence of formally diverging neural net-based classifiers
p. 395-405

Partial differential equations/Mathematical physics
On maximizing the fundamental frequency of the complement of an obstacle
p. 406-411

p. 412-414

Algebraic geometry
Categorical characterization of quadrics
p. 415-419

p. 420-432

Probability theory/Calculus of variations
Expected Shortfall and optimal hedging payoff
p. 433-438

Mathematical physics/Calculus of variations
Semi-classical limit of the Levy–Lieb functional in Density Functional Theory
p. 449-455

Issue no. 5 Table of Contents

p. 468-474

Mathematical analysis/Functional analysis
Reverses of operator Aczél inequality
p. 475-481

Complex analysis/Harmonic analysis
On the norms of quaternionic harmonic projection operators
p. 482-488

Partial differential equations/Calculus of variations
Counterexamples in calculus of variations in L through the vectorial Eikonal equation
p. 498-502

p. 509-516

p. 517-522

p. 532-537

Algebraic geometry
Deformation of the product of complex Fano manifolds
p. 538-541

Test d'hétéroscédasticité quand les covariables sont fonctionnelles
[Heteroscedasticity test when the covariables are functionals]
p. 571-574

Mathematical problems in mechanics
The asymptotically sharp Korn interpolation and second inequalities for shells
p. 575-580

Issue no. 6 Table of Contents

p. 581-585

Mathematical analysis/Ordinary differential equations
Existence of periodic solutions for a class of damped vibration problems
p. 597-612

p. 613-625

p. 626-631

Partial differential equations/Differential geometry
A Serrin-type symmetry result on model manifolds: An extension of the Weinberger argument
p. 648-656

p. 657-660

Algebraic geometry
Connections and restrictions to curves
p. 674-678

p. 679-685

p. 686-691

Probability theory
Scaling and non-standard matching theorems
p. 692-695

Issue no. 7 Table of Contents

Algèbre homologique/Topologie différentielle
Extensions de fonctions d'un voisinage de la sphère à la boule
[Extending functions from a neighborhood of the sphere to the ball]
p. 712-716

Théorie des groupes/Géométrie algébrique
Extension des scalaires par le morphisme de Frobenius, pour les groupes réductifs
[Frobenius base change for reductive groups]
p. 717-719

Mathematical analysis/Partial differential equations
The quenching behavior of a quasilinear parabolic equation with double singular sources
p. 725-731

p. 732-736

Analyse complexe/Géométrie analytique
Une propriété de continuité associée aux classes de cohomologie de Hodge
[A property of continuity associated with Hodge cohomology classes]
p. 737-746

p. 747-756

Partial differential equations/Functional analysis
Electromagnetic wave propagation in media consisting of dispersive metamaterials
p. 757-775

Harmonic analysis/Ordinary differential equations
Solutions of a class of multiplicatively advanced differential equations
p. 776-817

Functional analysis
A norm inequality for positive block matrices
p. 818-822

Differential geometry
Conformally flat real hypersurfaces in nonflat complex planes
p. 823-829

Issue no. 8 Table of Contents

p. 833-838

Homological algebra/Topology
A note on triangulated monads and categories of module spectra
p. 839-842

Group theory
Breaking points in centralizer lattices
p. 843-845

p. 846-851

p. 852-858

Potential theory/Complex analysis
A note on the weighted log canonical thresholds of plurisubharmonic functions
p. 865-869

Partial differential equations/Game theory
Mean-field games with a major player
p. 886-890

p. 891-898

Homéomorphismes et nombre d'intersection
[Homeomorphisms and intersection numbers]
p. 899-902

Physique mathématique
Une q-déformation de la transformation de Bargmann vraie-polyanalytique
[A q-deformation of the true-polyanalytic Bargmann transform]
p. 903-910

Issue no. 9 Table of Contents

p. 916-921

p. 922-926

p. 933-956

Functional analysis/Dynamical systems
On sofic groupoids and their full groups
p. 957-962

p. 963-966

Probability theory
A note on the quasi-ergodic distribution of one-dimensional diffusions
p. 967-972

Issue no. 10 Table of Contents

Homological algebra
A remark on a theorem by Claire Amiot
p. 984-986

p. 988-1029

Problèmes mathématiques de la mécanique
Un problème de confinement pour une coque membranaire linéairement élastique de type elliptique
[A confinement problem for a linearly elastic membrane shell of elliptic type]
p. 1040-1051

Issue no. 11-12 Table of Contents

A note on small sets of reals
p. 1053-1061

p. 1062-1074

Number theory/Group theory
Explicit ring-theoretic presentation of Iwasawa algebras
p. 1075-1080

Number theory
Odd values of the Rogers–Ramanujan functions
p. 1081-1084

Théorie des nombres/Géométrie algébrique
Le nombre des systèmes locaux -adiques sur une courbe
[Number of irreducible -adic local systems on a curve]
p. 1085-1089

Algebra/Homological algebra
Homotopy G-algebra structure on the cochain complex of hom-type algebras
p. 1090-1099

Homological algebra/Algebraic geometry
Comparing motives of smooth algebraic varieties
p. 1100-1105

Homological algebra/Algebraic geometry
Singular Hochschild cohomology via the singularity category
p. 1106-1111

Analyse complexe/Géométrie analytique
Approximation polynomiale des jets de Whitney -plats de classe M
[Approximation by polynomials of Whitney -flat jets of class M]
p. 1125-1130

Partial differential equations
A spectral inequality for degenerate operators and applications
p. 1131-1155

Partial differential equations/Differential geometry
The Dirichlet problem on a strip for the α-translating soliton equation
p. 1179-1187

Géométrie/Problèmes mathématiques de la mécanique
Sur la détermination du périmètre de l'ovale à huit centres
[On the determination of the perimeter of the eight-centered oval]
p. 1195-1202

p. 1203-1214

p. 1215-1221

Numerical analysis
A variant of Nitsche's method
p. 1236-1242

p. 1243-1250