Comptes Rendus

Issue no. 1 Table of Contents

Number theory/Algebraic geometry
The scaling site
p. 1-6

Mathematical analysis
Some simple conditions for univalence
p. 7-11

Partial differential equations/Mathematical physics
Wave fluctuations near a de Sitter brane in an anti-de Sitter universe
p. 19-25

Partial differential equations/Probability theory
On time regularity of stochastic evolution equations with monotone coefficients
p. 33-37

Partial differential equations/Mathematical physics
Trapped modes supported by localized potentials in the zigzag graphene ribbon
p. 63-67

p. 69-73

p. 81-85

p. 87-90

Analytic geometry
A singular Demailly–Păun theorem
p. 91-95

Géométrie différentielle
Sur les déformations des feuilletages de Lie nilpotents
[On the deformations of nilpotent Lie foliations]
p. 97-100

Differential geometry
Harmonic vector fields on Finsler manifolds
p. 101-106

Issue no. 2 Table of Contents

Trimness of closed intervals in Cambrian semilattices
p. 113-120

Combinatorics/Mathematical physics
Tropical curves in sandpiles
p. 125-130

Number theory/Group theory
Markoff triples and strong approximation
p. 131-135

p. 143-148

Potential theory/Calculus of variations
Optimal geometric estimates for fractional Sobolev capacities
p. 149-153

p. 155-159

Partial differential equations/Numerical analysis
Uniform temporal convergence of numerical schemes for miscible flow through porous media
p. 161-165

Partial differential equations
A simple criterion for transverse linear instability of nonlinear waves
p. 175-179

p. 201-204

Issue no. 3 Table of Contents

Ensembles reconnaissables de séries formelles sur un corps fini
[Recognizable sets of power series over finite fields]
p. 225-229

Number theory
On two problems of Ljujić and Nathanson
p. 235-238

Mathematical analysis/Partial differential equations
Boutet de Monvel operators on singular manifolds
p. 239-243

Mathematical analysis/Complex analysis
Koebe sets for certain classes of circularly symmetric functions
p. 245-252

Ordinary differential equations/Partial differential equations
On an elliptic equation of p-Kirchhoff type with convection term
p. 253-256

Partial differential equations/Mathematical physics
Delocalization of quasimodes on the disk
p. 257-263

Partial differential equations/Numerical analysis
Asymptotic Preserving numerical schemes for multiscale parabolic problems
p. 271-276

p. 277-281

p. 283-289

p. 297-300

Analytic geometry/Differential geometry
The asymptotics of the holomorphic torsion forms
p. 301-306

p. 307-311

Differential geometry
Generalized contact bundles
p. 313-317

Probability theory
A short proof of the Marchenko–Pastur theorem
p. 319-322

Numerical analysis/Mathematical problems in mechanics
An interface condition to compute compressible flows in variable cross section ducts
p. 323-327

Computer science
A note on probably certifiably correct algorithms
p. 329-333

Issue no. 4 Table of Contents

Homological algebra/Algebraic geometry
Equivariant trace formula mod p
p. 335-338

Homological algebra/Topology
Hochschild cohomology of poset algebras and Steenrod operations
p. 339-343

Lie algebras/Mathematical physics
Generalized cluster structure on the Drinfeld double of GLn
p. 345-349

Complex analysis
On estimates for the coefficients of a polynomial
p. 357-363

p. 365-370

Partial differential equations/Probability theory
A Schauder estimate for stochastic PDEs
p. 371-375

p. 377-382

Partial differential equations/Numerical analysis
Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator for diffraction problems in stratified anisotropic acoustic waveguides
p. 383-387

Partial differential equations/Optimal control
Unique continuation estimates for the Kolmogorov equation in the whole space
p. 389-393

Analytic geometry/Differential geometry
A remark on the convergence of the inverse σk-flow
p. 395-399

Analytic geometry/Differential geometry
A Riemann–Roch–Grothendieck theorem for flat fibrations with complex fibers
p. 401-406

p. 411-414

Differential geometry/Dynamical systems
Remarks on the symplectic invariance of Aubry–Mather sets
p. 419-423

Differential geometry
Analytic torsion, dynamical zeta functions and orbital integrals
p. 433-436

Problèmes mathématiques de la mécanique
Analyse asymptotique de milieux élastiques stratifiés dans les espaces de fonctions à déformation bornée
[Asymptotic analysis of stratified elastic media in the space of functions with bounded deformation]
p. 437-442

Issue no. 5 Table of Contents

p. 445-448

Homological algebra/Algebraic geometry
Algebraic K-theory with coefficients of cyclic quotient singularities
p. 449-452

Homological algebra/Algebraic geometry
On A1-fundamental groups of isotropic reductive groups
p. 453-458

p. 465-469

Ordinary differential equations/Analytic geometry
On the number of fibrations transverse to a rational curve in complex surfaces
p. 470-474

Ordinary differential equations/Dynamical systems
A higher-dimensional Poincaré–Birkhoff theorem without monotone twist
p. 475-479

Partial differential equations
Solenoidal extensions of vector fields in two-dimensional unbounded domains
p. 481-485

Partial differential equations/Dynamical systems
Periodic solitons for the elliptic–elliptic focussing Davey–Stewartson equations
p. 486-492

Partial differential equations/Numerical analysis
On non-linear Stokes problems with viscosity depending on the distance to the wall
p. 499-502

p. 510-516

p. 522-525

Analytic geometry/Differential geometry
G-invariant holomorphic Morse inequalities
p. 526-531

Modèle non paramétrique parcimonieux pour la détection des points d'impact d'une variable fonctionnelle
[Nonparametric selection of impact points in functional regression]
p. 538-542

p. 543-548

Issue no. 6 Table of Contents

p. 551-554

p. 555-558

Théorie des nombres
Sur l'exemple d'Euler d'une fonction complètement multiplicative à somme nulle
[On Euler's example of a completely multiplicative function with sum 0]
p. 559-561

p. 562-565

Number theory/Algebraic geometry
Ordinary primes for Abelian surfaces
p. 566-568

p. 569-576

Mathematical analysis/Functional analysis
Distance formulas in group algebras
p. 577-582

Analyse complexe/Géométrie analytique
Extension de courants fermés à l'espace projectif
[Extension of closed currents to the projective space]
p. 583-588

Partial differential equations
Small strong solutions for time-dependent mean field games with local coupling
p. 589-594

Partial differential equations/Calculus of variations
A maximum principle for the system Δu − ∇W(u)=0
p. 595-600

Partial differential equations/Mathematical problems in mechanics
On the existence and qualitative theory of stratified solitary water waves
p. 601-605

Partial differential equations/Mathematical physics
Spectral analysis near the low ground energy of magnetic Pauli operators
p. 606-610

Functional analysis/Geometry
On norms taking integer values on the integer lattice
p. 611-613

Geometry/Differential topology
The Euler class of an umbilic foliation
p. 614-618

p. 623-627

Normalité asymptotique locale de processus autorégressifs hilbertiens
[Local asymptotic normality of Hilbertian autoregressive processes]
p. 634-638

Mathematical problems in mechanics/Calculus of variations
Optimization of the branching pattern in coherent phase transitions
p. 639-644

Issue no. 7 Table of Contents

La logique des parties fractionnaires de nombres réels
[The logic of fractional parts of real numbers]
p. 645-648

Combinatoire/Théorie des nombres
Deux analogues au déterminant de Maillet
[Two analogues of Maillet's determinant]
p. 649-652

Number theory/Algebraic geometry
Full faithfulness for overconvergent F-de Rham–Witt connections
p. 653-658

Number theory/Algebraic geometry
About the mixed André–Oort conjecture: Reduction to a lower bound for the pure case
p. 659-663

Algebra/Homological algebra
Some remarks on a theorem of Bergman
p. 665-670

p. 685-689

Partial differential equations/Numerical analysis
Constructing exact sequences on non-conforming discrete spaces
p. 691-696

Functional analysis
On connected Lie groups and the approximation property
p. 697-699

Algebraic geometry
Logarithmic geometry and the Milnor fibration
p. 701-706

p. 707-711

Dynamical systems
Invariant measures for piecewise continuous maps
p. 717-722

p. 741-746

Numerical analysis
p. 747-750

Issue no. 8 Table of Contents

Number theory
The greatest common divisor of certain binomial coefficients
p. 756-761

p. 762-765

Mathematical analysis/Harmonic analysis
Fourier multipliers and group von Neumann algebras
p. 766-770

Équations aux dérivées partielles
Le système de Vlasov–Poisson effectif pour les plasmas fortement magnétisés
[The effective Vlasov–Poisson system for strongly magnetized plasmas]
p. 771-777

Partial differential equations/Optimal control
Approximate controllability of coupled 1-d wave equations on star-shaped graphs
p. 778-782

Partial differential equations/Numerical analysis
An optimization method for elastic shape matching
p. 783-787

Partial differential equations
Identifiability for a severely ill-posed oxygen balance model
p. 788-793

Équations aux dérivées partielles/Analyse numérique
Stabilisation de problèmes non coercifs via une méthode numérique utilisant la mesure invariante
[Stabilization of non-coercive problems using the invariant measure]
p. 799-803

Partial differential equations
On uniqueness for a rough transport–diffusion equation
p. 804-807

Partial differential equations/Functional analysis
Bourgain–Brézis–Mironescu formula for magnetic operators
p. 825-831

p. 835-841

Estimation locale linéaire de la fonction de régression pour des variables hilbertiennes
[Local linear estimation of the regression function with Hilbertian variables]
p. 847-850

p. 851-858

p. 859-863

Mathematical problems in mechanics
Dynamic behavior of convergent rapid granular flows
p. 864-868

Issue no. 9 Table of Contents

p. 891-895

Complex analysis/Functional analysis
Weighted composition operators that are complex symmetric on the Fock space F2(Cn)
p. 896-900

Complex analysis
On h-extendible domains and associated models
p. 901-906

Partial differential equations
Quantum ergodicity for Eisenstein functions
p. 907-911

Équations aux dérivées partielles/Physique mathématique
Dynamique moléculaire de la prédissociation
[Estimates on the molecular dynamics for the predissociation process]
p. 912-915

Algebraic geometry/Analytic geometry
Kobayashi measure hyperbolicity for singular directed varieties of general type
p. 920-924

Algebraic geometry
The motive of the Fano surface of lines
p. 925-930

Mathematical problems in mechanics
A class of compressible multiphase flow models
p. 954-959

Calculus of variations/Theory of signals
Reflective filtered backprojection
p. 960-964

Issue no. 10 Table of Contents

Mould calculus – On the secondary symmetries
p. 965-970

Théorie des nombres/Théorie des groupes
Équidistribution non archimédienne et actions de groupes sur les arbres
[Non-Archimedean equidistribution and group actions on trees]
p. 971-975

Analyse mathématique/Géométrie
Une remarque à propos de l'équivalence bilipschitzienne entre des ensembles de Delone
[A remark concerning bi-Lipschitz equivalence of Delone sets]
p. 976-979

p. 980-985

Partial differential equations/Calculus of variations
Higher-order topological sensitivity analysis for the Laplace operator
p. 993-999

Analyse fonctionnelle
Convexité uniforme faible dans les espaces d'interpolation
[Weak uniform convexity in interpolation spaces]
p. 1000-1005

Contrôle optimal
Une nouvelle approche pour la synchronisation approchée d'un système couplé d'équations des ondes : contrôles directs et indirects
[A new approach for the approximate synchronization for a coupled system of wave equations: Direct and indirect controls]
p. 1006-1012

p. 1013-1017

Differential geometry
Bergman kernels on punctured Riemann surfaces
p. 1018-1022

p. 1023-1025

p. 1026-1028

Dynamical systems/Mathematical physics
Ergodicity of the Ehrenfest wind–tree model
p. 1032-1036

Issue no. 11 Table of Contents

Homological algebra/Topology
Higher-order and secondary Hochschild cohomology
p. 1049-1054

Mathematical analysis/Partial differential equations
Existence of minimizers for the 2d stationary Griffith fracture model
p. 1055-1059

p. 1060-1064

p. 1065-1070

Ordinary differential equations/Partial differential equations
Almost automorphic evolution equations with compact almost automorphic solutions
p. 1071-1077

Partial differential equations/Calculus of variations
Variational existence theory for hydroelastic solitary waves
p. 1078-1086

p. 1087-1091

Functional analysis/Numerical analysis
A converse to Fortin's Lemma in Banach spaces
p. 1092-1095

Functional analysis/Dynamical systems
Generalized adding machines and Julia sets
p. 1096-1100

Optimal control/Probability theory
An existence theorem for multidimensional BSDEs with mixed reflections
p. 1101-1108

Algebraic geometry/Differential geometry
Residue formula for Morita–Futaki–Bott invariant on orbifolds
p. 1109-1113

p. 1114-1118

p. 1119-1123

p. 1124-1131

p. 1132-1138

Issue no. 12 Table of Contents

p. 1145-1150

Group theory/Geometry
Horofunctions on graphs of linear growth
p. 1151-1154

Mathematical analysis/Theory of signals
Best bases for signal spaces
p. 1155-1167

Ordinary differential equations/Partial differential equations
Uniqueness and Lagrangianity for solutions with lack of integrability of the continuity equation
p. 1168-1173

Analyse fonctionnelle
Interpolation : Bθ = Bθ pour un θ entraîne Bθ = Bθ pour tout θ
[Interpolation: Bθ = Bθ for some beta implies Bθ = Bθ for all θ]
p. 1205-1208

Analyse fonctionnelle
Plongements de Carleson absolument sommants
[Absolutely summing Carleson embedding]
p. 1209-1213

Algebraic geometry
Ulrich bundles on blowing ups
p. 1215-1218

Algebraic geometry
A density result for real hyperelliptic curves
p. 1219-1224

Géométrie algébrique
Revêtements tangentiels et tours infinies d'Artin–Schreier
[Tangential covers and infinite Artin–Schreier towers]
p. 1225-1229

Differential geometry
Index of projective elliptic operators
p. 1230-1235

p. 1236-1240